Happy New Year!

fireworksHappy new 2013 from all of me to all of you!

This will be an awesome year for sure. Did you know that 2013 is the first year with all different digits since 1987? Isn’t that amazing?

Merry anti-christmas to you all

Evil SantaHooray! This year I will be celebrating anti-christmas all by myself, just me, some nice food, cigars and whisky. It will be great – assuming of course that the world did not end at the 21:st as some apparently think. But to hedge my bets, I’m posting this little celebratory note already, instead of waiting until christmas eve as would be proper.

Anyways, have a great time whatever you do and where ever you may be on the day.

The Fronter era is over


Yeah, hit it hard!

There, the last working day for Fronter has passed last Friday. It was a pretty surreal experience, since we all had the hard disks of our computers destroyed as a part of the ISO security procedures. It looked like this …

While this was going on, we all stood around drinking beer and cheering the destruction on. I did mention surreal, didn’t I? We then ended the day with a final drink-up at Haket. Now on to find something new to do. Wish me luck.

Termination finalised


OK, now we are officially terminated. The papers are signed and the unions have agreed. We will work until December 14, after which we can all go home and take a long christmas holiday. Or not …