My new keyboard is here!

I have always been a keyboard freak, trying this and that hoping that I finally have found the ultimate keyboard that will improve my typing and remove all strain. Maybe I finally have …

A week ago, I ordered not one, but two, Endura Pro keyboards from Unicomp, Inc. These are mechanically the same as the original IBM Model M keyboard, as delivered with the original IBM PC. This is arguably the best keyboard ever made – it is certainly the most durable with many still in daily use after almost 30 years.

The Endura Pro model has an additional feature – a built in Trackpoint mouse control. So now I can throw my mouse in the bin … Maybe.

Anyways, I am typing away on it now, and so far it feels great. It has a very distinct click, and the key press is stiff, but not too hard. It is quite loud though, so I hope my collegues will not object to my clicking and clacking.

Here are some images from the unboxing. Enjoy!

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I have found new employment


There. No more lying around on the sofa all day. Starting Monday, I will be working full time at Textalk with various programming and design tasks. Initially, I’ll be doing C++ application programming with Qt, so I’m getting away from the web for a while.

The sheet music archive is live again

One of the interesting features of my old web site was the sheet music archive, where all my bagpipe music was available and searchable in a number of ways. This was something I had programmed myself using the Drupal API to get it to display. It took me a while to get the same functionality going in WordPress. The plugin API is completely different – no surprise there. I took the opportunity to change my code to the better. I might publish this plugin on Github later so you all can admire it.

Anyways, here is the sheet music archive in all it’s glory. Enjoy!

Multi-target publishing with Markdown

I have for a long time been a fan of writing everything as plain text. This started with me using LaTeX, which I still do when I want a perfectly formatted result. However, the last few years I have taken to using some of the many Markdown variants available. This has several advantages: First and foremost, the source is perfectly readable as-is, which makes it ideal for readme files and the like. And you can generate multiple output formats, depending of course on what markdown variant you use.

I initially started using Asciidoc, which is really good, and can generate output in HTML, PDF, ODF, and several different slideshow formats. However, it is not based on standard Markdown, but uses it’s own slightly different syntax. This is annoying if you sometimes also need to use normal Markdown. Recently I have switched to Pandoc, which is based on MultiMarkdown syntax with some extensions. It can generate oodles of different output formats, several of them text based, which for instance makes it easy to write MediaWiki pages. I always have problems remembering MediaWiki’s fiddly syntax, and having to write things like '''''bla''''' just makes me cringe. Continue reading rebooted

Since I realise it looks bad for me as web developer to have a personal site that has gone to the dogs, I’m putting up this WordPress blog to replace the now deleted Drupal site. I will likely play with this site a lot the next few days to configure it as I want, and also create a custom plugin or two to replace functionality from the old site. Some of the pages from the old site will also come back, but not the (extremely scarse) blog posts. I may however add some image galleries from bygone days. On the new site, I may even get adventurous and post more than once every 6 months. 🙂 We’ll see how that turns out. Anyways, welcome to my new site! I hope you will enjoy your stay.